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Printed Logo on Leather 


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Printed Logo on Leather 

Written By: Tony Frazer 



• Bowls (2) 

• Water-slide decal kit (1) 

one for decals. one for wettina down the 

• Paper towels (1) 

• Water-activated glue (1) 

• Nail polish remover (1) 

• Scissors (1) 

For cuttina your decals 


For Christmas we wanted to do something cool for our managers at work. We decided to do 
custom footballs and have all the employees sign a "game ball". Well, if you've ever priced 
getting a customized football, it's rather cost-prohibitive for just one, and we needed four. So 
I took on the task of customizing the balls with the company logo.... should be easy, just 
google it... eh, not so easy for the DIYer, it turned out.... so I had to figure it out myself. 

The balls needed the company logo on them and it needed to be tough and resilient. With the 
basic idea of using printable water-slide decals I picked up at a hobby shop, I ran some tests 
on a blank piece of leather and I found the right mix and technique to get them to work on 
leather. The result is like a silkscreen. 

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Printed Logo on Leather 

Follow the directions included with your decal kit. It's pretty straightforward: print, spray 
overcoat of clear sealant (included with the kit) and let dry completely. 

Cut decals to size and determine position. 

• For this process you need to have everything prepped and ready to go. Things need to 
happen quickly. 

• Get your decals soaking and get the leather nice and wet. 

• When the decals are ready to slide, put a couple of drops of the glue on the leather and 
spread it out with wetted fingers to a very thin layer. 

• Slide your decal into place. 

© Make Projects 

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Printed Logo on Leather 

Dab off excess water and glue. 

Smooth the decal and get all air bubbles out. 

If there seems to be too much glue, try to squeegee it out with a finger. 

Once it looks good, leave it alone to cure for 3 or 4 hours. 

• Clean up fingers with the nail polish remover. I did 4 balls (2 logos each) in about 10 
minutes. I let them dry for 4 hours and they were ready to go. 

• This technique will work on any leather, I suppose, but the glue will darken the leather and 
put a shine on it. These balls are dark and it doesn't show much. 

• I have also posted this over at Instructables in their Holiday Contest. Please vote if you 
like it. 

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